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Additive Manufacturing
Advanced Composites

Design & prototyping of advanced composites / 2D material enhanced nanocomposites / Additive manufacturing of carbon-dopped polymers / Customized 3D printing & prototyping / 4D printing

Computer Aided Design
Structural Analysis

CAD of engineering systems & components / 3D design of customized products / Optimization for 3D printing / Structural (FEA) analysis 

Technical & Scientific

Innovative component design based on advanced materials / Problem solving strategies / Technical & scientific supporting / Project planning and management

Mechanical Testing
Material Characterization

Characterization of materials' properties / Mechanical testing / Thermal IR imaging and analysis / Collaboration with acknowledged labs for other supporting characterization techniques

Equipment & Techniques

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Advanced Optical/Digital Microscopy

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CO2 Laser Treatment/Engraving

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Cartesian FDM Additive Manufacturing

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Professional 3D scanning

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Infinite length 3D printing (belt)

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High-temperature Filament Extrusion

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DLP Resin Printing

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Polymer Recycling/Granulating

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Universal Mechanical Testing 

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IDEX Multi-material FDM printing

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Thermal IR Imaging


Established in 2018 by highly qualified engineers, ADRINE provides research and technological competence in the field of advanced composites, characterization methodologies and additive manufacturing processes

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