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DLP printing of UV resin/graphene nanocomposites for tailored properties
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Hybrid thermoplastic/graphene/carbon fibers material for FDM 3D printing

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High quality graphene-enhanced DLP 3D printed nanocomposites using photosensitive resin 

After a long period of trials, ADRINE showcases the fabrication of homogeneous, high resolution graphene/UV resin nanocomposites with filler loadings up to 1.0 wt%. The...     [Read more]

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2nd generation hybrid thermoplastic filaments by Adrine ready for benchmarking... 

The in-house research and development of thermoplastics enhanced with carbon-based entities continues... By optimizing mixing parameters and filament production control... [Read more]

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In-house high quality hybrid PLA Graphene/Carbon Fiber material 

A novel approach towards the in-house fabrication of advanced materials for FFF 3D printing, which shall exhibit enhanced mechanical... {Read more}

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Development of modified UV resin w/ carbon fibers and DLP printing 

The ongoing research of ADRINE in the field of advanced materials for additive manufacturing resulted in the in-house development of... [Read more]

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ADRINE ranks first among 117 SMEs in Western Greece's regional program

ADRINE managed to achieve an overall score of 9.60/10.00 among 117 funded SME proposals from the region of Western Greece... [Read more]

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Collaboration of ADRINE with FORTH/ICE-HT and Univ. of Patras - Newspaper Interview

Prof. Galiotis' interview regarding the voluntary fabrication and donation of face shields at the local hospitals, is hosted in the Sunday edition... [Read more]

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3D printing of protective face shields

ADRINE in collaboration with the laboratories supervised by Prof. C. Galiotis (at FORTH/ICE-HT & University of Patras) helps the fight...[Read more]

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ADRINE participates in the TRACES action under the INTERREG Greece-Italy programe

Our company has been selected –among other entrepreneurs from the region of Western Greece- to participate in the ‘TRACES’ action...[Read more]


Established in 2018 by highly qualified engineers, ADRINE provides research and technological competence in the field of advanced composites, characterization methodologies and additive manufacturing processes

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  • Patras Science Park (PSP)
  • Office B13 
  • Stadiou str., Platani, Rio
  • 26 504, Patras, Greece
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  • phone:   +30 6944 782 421 


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