In-house high quality hybrid PLA Graphene/Carbon Fiber material 

A novel approach towards the in-house fabrication of advanced materials for FFF 3D printing, which shall exhibit enhanced mechanical and physical properties (thermal and/or electrical conductivity) has been developed by ADRINE in collaboration with the Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials Laboratories of University of Patras.
Starting from raw PLA pellets and after controlled mixing with graphene nanoplatelets and chopped carbon fibers, a high quality filament was produced, able to deliver accurate and consistent 3D FDM prints. The initial characterization of the material revealed a uniform dispersion of the carbon-based fillers and a commercial grade stability of the filament dimensions.
More testing will follow soon aiming to investigate the mechanical and the physical properties of the material which is formed by introducing a wide range of filler concentrations.
Up to now, the the hybrid material can maintain a concentration of 10wt% in carbon fibers and 3wt% in graphene.


Established in 2018 by highly qualified engineers, ADRINE provides research and technological competence in the field of advanced composites, characterization methodologies and additive manufacturing processes

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