2nd generation hybrid thermoplastic filaments by Adrine ready for benchmarking... 

The in-house research and development of thermoplastics enhanced with carbon-based entities continues...
By optimizing mixing parameters and filament production control, we aimed to fine-tune the dispersion of particles and the filament outer diameter, which plays a great role in the quality of the final 3D printed part.
Adrine also optimized the coupon printing direction (both on the shell and the infiill) in view of achieving the best possible alignment of the fibrous inclusions. We managed to produce a '2nd generation' material that hopefully will pave the way to penetrate the market with a strong, easy to handle, reusable and with tailor-made properties thermoplastic, for various applications.
For now, it is time to benchmark our material... More news to come...


Established in 2018 by highly qualified engineers, ADRINE provides research and technological competence in the field of advanced composites, characterization methodologies and additive manufacturing processes

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