High quality graphene-enhanced DLP 3D printed nanocomposites using photosensitive resin

After a long period of trials, ADRINE showcases the fabrication of homogeneous, high resolution graphene/UV resin nanocomposites with filler loadings up to 1.0 wt%.
The composite material consists of DLP compatible photosensitive UV resin mixed with industrial grade graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs). The graphene particles have a mean lateral size of 7.2μm and an average thickness of 3nm (5-10 layers of graphene). The challenge of effective mixing and of filler precipitation phenomena were tackled by extensive experimental trials with in-house techniques that resulted to a stable raw material suitable for DLP 3D printing. 

The goal of ADRINE is to prepare a high quality thermosetting 3D printable material with enhanced mechanical and self-lubricating properties for specific 'internal' prototypes, able to operate at elevated temperatures, as compared to other conventional thermoplastic AM materials (such as PLA, PP, etc.). The first batches exhibit a GNP concentration up to 1.0 wt%, while for other properties (such as electrical conductivity) higher values will be attempted in the next steps.
High resolution and homogeneous nanocomposite 3D printing was the first important milestone to be reached. The experimental investigation campaign that starts now, will provide enough information to optimize our methods and upscale the technology from the level of specimens to the level of components. 


Established in 2018 by highly qualified engineers, ADRINE provides research and technological competence in the field of advanced composites, characterization methodologies and additive manufacturing processes

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